CCZ urges peace as CB police say will disarm cadres

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Secretary General Reverend Susan Matale has advised political parties to restrain their members from issuing statements that may cause chaos in the country.

Matale also condemned the decision by Patriotic Front (PF) members and United Party for National Development (UPND) youth to use violence to defend themselves saying such is unacceptable.

She said the church will not condone any form of violence regardless of the political affiliation of the perpetrators of the acts.

Matale appealed to politicians to adhere to peace messages being preached by the church by passing them onto to their members.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Dr. Matin Malama said any individuals from political parties found in possession of weapons will be apprehended.

Malama noted that every citizen has freedom of movement and at no particular time should party members infringe the rights of Zambians as they will be arrested.

He further urged political players to champion peace and tranquillity as possession of weapons or perpetrating of violence are criminal offences and those found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.

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