CCZ Condemns MMD Threats

Council of churches in Zambia (CCZ) General  Secretary, Reverend Suzanne Matale has described the threats by MMD cadres to gang rape FDD, President Edith Nawakwi as a disaster of the century.

Matale said the cadres have undressed all women by threatening to rape Nawakwi. She said it is evil to think of committing rape and urged government to take action against the perpetrators.

The Reverend further said the only way for women in this nation to heal was for the MMD to redeem themselves and this could only be done by taking action against the cadres.

Meanwhile, Humans Rights activist, Sara Longwe said the MMD youth chairperson who is the mastermind of these threats should be arrested.

Furthermore, FTJ’s press aid, Emmanuel Mwamba said the threats cannot be justified though, Nawakwi’s statement that led to these threats was inappropriate.

Mwamba said last week Nawakwi said RB and his colleagues are mad (‘mashilufye’) owing to the 15% increment of fuel prices.

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