CCZ to issue pastoral letter on ‘state of the nation’ under PF’ which rules by 10 commandements

CCZ to issue pastoral letter on ‘state of the nation’ under PF’ which rules by 10 commandements

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ)  will holding a press conference on Monday 5th March 2012 during which they will release a pastoral  letter addressing various issues of national importance under the PF government.

In a statement released to the media Thursday by CCZ Communications Officer Elias Banda, the church mother bodies said they will discuss among other issues, the Commissions of enquiries, appointments in the civil service, and government relations with chiefs.

The PF government that swept into power on the premise reducing corruption through cost saving measures yesterday revealed that the commissions of enquiries alone have so far gobbled about K4 billion unbudgeted expenditure.

The government has also taken antagonistic positions to issues  by chiefs in North-Western, Western, Eastern, and Southern Provinces who have been demanding dialogue on controversial policies of the ruling party.

President Sata recently threatened to dethrone Chiefs Ndzamane and Madzimawe  in Eastern province.

He also demeaned chiefs in North-Western by accusing them of being sponsored by the opposition when they wanted to clarify government position on re-alignment of Solwezi district to Copperbelt.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda,  also referred to Southern Province Chiefs who were opposed to the re-alignment of some districts to other provinces as being myopic and narrow minded.

The government has further backtracked on many issues including the publication of draft constitution.

Last month the Catholic church, through its Bishopa,  observed a serious tendency of appointing people to government positions on nepotistic and patronage grounds without due regard to professionalism.

President Sata defended himself by saying he does not balance tribes but brains.

There has also been rampant cabinet reshuffles and re-alignment of government port-folios from one ministry to the other.

When he was just elected, President Michael Sata said his government would follow the tenets of the 10 Biblical Commandments.

“This government will be governed on the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not steal, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you,” Sata told parishioners at a church in Lusaka’s upscale Rhodes Park district.

“For the first time this country has a Catholic president and our government will support the church,” Sata said.

Sata promised to develop Zambia withing 90 days after taking office.

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