Celebrating 50 years of dependency

Why hire Indian engineers to come and works in Zambia? Don’t we have engineers in Zambia who can do that job? If not why does our Government spend colossal sums of money sending students to schools they know can’t produce quality engineers?

When our leaders get sick, they rush to other countries for better medical care; don’t we have hospitals and doctors in Zambia that can provide quality medical care for our leaders?

When Government organizations need customized software for their firms, they hire Companies outside Zambia for the works, when we have programmers in our own country, why?

We have our by-elections ballot papers printed in South Africa. Don’t we have printing houses in Zambia that can print ballot?

Some of our major retail shops import even Tomatoes and other fruits that are grown in Zambia. Why not buy from our Zambian farmers?

We sell maize to our neighbouring countries when we can sell

We are a landlocked country, this is a God given gift that are should utilize if our eyes were open, and the eyes of our leaders in particular.

We are a country that imports almost everything that we use, from tooth picks to spoons to vehicles. Charles Forster started producing millions of tooth picks to import to South America in 1870, we are now in 2014, celebrating 50 years on independence but we are still importing tooth picks, a 114 years since machine-made tooth picks came into existence. The modern form of the spoon, with the tip of the bowl narrower than the base came into use in 1760 that’s 254 years from now and we are still importing spoons.

We are a country that believes in products made from outside, and don’t want to buy “local”, while quality is an issue, a lot of people don’t understand the negative impacts this brings to our economy.

First, let me explain a bit how buying Zambian products can positively impact our economy, both from our financial transactions along with the value that Zambian companies can create across a wider economy.

We’ll see a lot of companies being opened and growing as a result of buying from local companies, this in turn will result to creation of employment. When we create employment, we’ll see employees paying taxes and generating further economic activity by spending some of their money they will be earning from local c companies.

By buying from local companies, it help many companies to create sustainable partnerships, these commercial relationships by companies will help each company to grow.


Its surprising the same government that wants to benefit from local companies gives contracts to outsiders; here is what they don’t understand:

By giving a contract to a local company, that company will pay ZRA net cash income taxes. The taxes paid will enable you (the government) to spend on developmental projects.

All in all, buying from a Zambian company may increase the jobs that company creates and also the taxes it pays leading to.

I have seen multi-million dollar companies being created in other countries just by harnessing the power of “Buy Local”.

We can together as one people erase the unknown distances between our dreams and reality and take reality to distances only dreams can achieve.

Let’s combine forces to scale heights that seemed impossible till today.

Our collective efforts can unearth treasures from unfathomable depths.

Our collaboration in growth can fly us beyond horizons of our imagination.

If we support ourselves, our products and services will travel across the globe to reach and enrich the lives and lifestyles of people from all walks of life.

Let’s then join our hands and vision as one people, as one nation to take our products and services on the global market place.

Let’s inspire our minds

Let’s dedicate our souls

Let’s start believing in our immense potential and Zambian made products and services.

I dream of a Zambia where we will create things that people from other countries will use. I dream of a Zambia where we’ll start supporting each other for the benefit of all of us.

In our quest to propel our nation to great prosperity, we must join hands, support each other, buy Zambian, use Zambian and we will see positive change to our economy and steer ourselves to DEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE.


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