Celebrating Indepndence Golden Jubilee

Celebrating Indepndence Golden Jubilee

Kaunda in sandals at indepndence

Kaunda in sandals at indepndence

We have read the arguments by those that think Zambians should shun the 50 years independence jubilee celebrations and those that are celebrating.

We feel that while they may all be correct in someway, shunning such a historical and important event is not the right way.

Yes Zambia poor, just like there are still some poor people even in America. And yes PF and Michael Sata have indeed added misery to the Zambians through bad governance, corruption, but this country is not about PF and Sata.

And of course we all know the idea of politicising national events such as this one in a life time was a typical of Sata’s way of politics.

But it is important to realise that Sata has been a terribly bad example of a leader both in opposition and now in government.

His ways of doing things should never be emulated by any normal person. And that’s why perhaps even God has made Sata not enjoy the presidency at all. No one would surely want to emulate a cruel politician like Sata who shunned such unifying events but opted to mock and celebrate the illness of his colleagues.

A day such as this jubilee celebration dose not belong to any political party, its a celebration for all Zambians.

Besides the cruel person Michael Sata won’t be there to officiate at the event. He will again miss this important event like he has done in past as an opposition leader and now as a president.

So far we have been cheated that he is out abroad for MEDICAL CHECKUPS. Unless English in Zambia has really changed, a routine medical checkups, unlike a sickness, can surely be properly scheduled so that one does not miss an important event.

This is not a funeral where one can argue that they missed because they did not know it was coming.

The PF and Sata knew this historical event was coming, so why didn’t they take him for medical checkups way before the event?

Anyway, without Sata, presiding over today’s event, it would have been a great opportunity for the likes of opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to join other national leaders and surviving political heroes of liberation to heal this nation.

It would have been a great opportunity for the likes of Hakainde to fill the void created by Sata’s absence.

This country now needs unifying figures and not divisive elements such as Sata has been in all his career. Sata does not even believe in independence liberation as he is a well-known oppressor all his political life.

He was not even a freedom fighter. All records are there to show Sata was working with colonial oppressors. At independence, it is these same oppressors who gave Sata sanctuary and a job as train sweeper to protect him from others.

Today’s event will be presided over by Acting president Edgar Lungu, who we believe is a person with a sober mind away from his drinking habits. And even if Lungu came drank, so what? Its a day for whining and drinking for those who can afford while at the same time reflecting on the past injustices by the previous regimes including Sata’s government.

Anyway, for those still in denial, the fact and the goodness is Michael Sata maybe the De jure president today, but he will never come back to rule this country again with his tyranny. It would have been good for all national leaders in PF, UPND, MMD, FDD, ABZ, NAREP, etc to mark this day with a renewed hope and rebirth of a nation without the tyranny Sata.

To all Zambians, its time we came together and realise that Zambia is bigger than any political party.

Its time we all put on our national colours and commemorate as well as celebrate this occasion with a renewed in hope, pray that divisive elements such as Michael Sata will never again rule this great country.

Happy jubilee celebrations to all Zambians.

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