Central deputy PS accuses ZANIS reporters of working for Watchdog

Central province deputy permanent secretary Ronald Sinyangwe has blasted the Zambia news and information services (ZANIS) reporters in Kabwe for not giving him adequate coverage during the two weeks he has been acting permanent secretary, he has also accused them of working for the Zambian Watchdog.

Sinyangwe who has been sitting in for PS Edwidge Mutale who is on leave has used each and every time he appears in public to attack the government reporters for the alleged inefficiency to highlight the PF ‘development’ projects.

Sinyangwe has also been reportedly bullying civil servants in other departments and making sexual maneuvers to female workers. His actions have led to the workers’ morale being low and have threatened to stage a demonstration to demand for his removal.

“This man is so full of himself, every time he has been insulting ZANIS and from ZANIS he is busy threatening other department workers with transfers. We cannot be working like this, we shall demonstrate against him the way we did against Inutu Suba if our PS (Mutale) does not come back from leave to sort out this mess,” said a female civil servant.

Sinyangwe is also dating a woman from the social welfare department whom he caused to divorce her husband and also has another concubine at the immigrations department. He is a treacherous person who together with DC Patrick Chishala incited civil servants to rise against ailing dictator Michael Sata’s concubine Suba and have also been scheming to have Mutale dismissed so that they can be promoted. This is why the province has had the highest turn over over permanent secretaries, Mutale is the fifth under the PF administration.

While we have reports that Mutale has cut short her leave and will be in the office today, we urge Sinyangwe not to drag the Watchdog in his insatiable appetite for power. We are aware of how he became a sell out to former deputy PS Luke Mukampi and the many scandals he committed while working as Serenje DC. We are also able to mention name by name all his relatives he has employed in the civil service, let him shut up.

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