Central province minister Kosamu continues plundering govt resources

Central Province Minister Phillip Kosamu has continued plundering public resources even after the Zambian Watchdog revealed early this month that he has been selling relief Maize on black market.
This time around, the Central Province Minister is accused of having abused the Constituency Development Fund by the full council meeting in Serenje.
According to information obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, Mr. Kosamu has diverted some CDF funds for electrification of Zambia Compound in Ibolele Ward and purchased a Fuso Fighter that he is using for personal business in Mansa.
The council meeting also found Mr. Kosamu guilty of breaching CDF procedures by purchasing a Hino Truck when the money was budgeted for something else.
According to minutes obtained by the Watchdog, the Central Province Minister admitted the offence but said it was a good mistake.
The minutes also indicate that the abuse of the CDF funds angered Muchinga MP Howard Kunda who suggested that the Hino Truck be parked at the Council offices until clearance from the Ministry of Local Government but Kosamu objected to the idea.
According to documentation, the truck is being run by Patriotic Front Cadres. Other allegations levelled against the Central Province Minister by the full council is failure to account for KR 140,000 earmarked for the construction of Serenje Bus Station. According to information KR 200,000 was earmarked for construction of the station from the 2011 CDF but only KR40,000 was spent on shoddy works.
It is further alleged that Kosamu instructed the Serenje Council Secretary to release money to the contractor even before works finished thus going against the CDF guidelines.
The report says the quarry dust that was supposed to be used for the construction of the market has been abused by the Central Province Minister’s friend a Mr. Musonda Kano Nibo who is also CDF Committee Chairperson.
Mr. Kosamu is also accused of having allocated land belonging to Serenje District Council to his three wives namely Namuzi Sememba, Silvia Ndabala and Priscilla Mumba.

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