Central province PEO defers mock exams to accommodate sports

Parents and some teachers are upset by the maneuvers by some selfish head teachers in the province who have asked the provincial education officer to defer grade 12 mock exams to the third term in order to accommodate the hosting of the provincial ball games.

The head teachers want the games to take place because there are some financial benefits attached to the hosting of games which are scheduled to begin next week and have gotten consent from the PEO’s office.

Central province education officer (PEO) Jenniffer Chishimba Banda has directed that mock exams be held in the third term, a month before the final examinations but some teachers, pupils and parents have described the action as counter-productive because there will be no time to mark the said examinations.

Normally, the mock exams are held in the second term but a Watchdog check in schools revealed that no exams have taken place in the province.

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