Chadiza man coming from toilet attacked by hyena

A marauding hyena has left a man of Kambulile Village of Chief Mwangala’s area of Chadiza District with a life threatening wound on his left leg.

42 year old Isaac Mwale was attacked by the Hyena last night around mid night on his way back into the house from his backyard latrine after a call of nature.
Mwale said on his way back to the house, he saw a black animal that looked like a dog that leaped at him after which it severely mauled him his left leg.
He said he took courage and wrestled with the mammal until he rescued himself only to discover that it had  chewed part of his left leg.
Mwale has since been treated for the wound at Taferansoni Clinic in the same area.
Last week villagers from Zingalume Village of chief Zingalume’s area appealed to the Zambia Wild Life Authority  (ZAWA ) to crop the growing number of hyenas said to be terrorising goats and people in the area.
And in another development the Chadiza Magistrate court has adjourned to 10 February 2012 the case in which two suspects were arrested with a rocket propelled grenade.
Chadiza police public prosecutor Charles Situtu appealed for the extension of the mention case because the police have not yet received instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution.
And Magistrate Musonda Chanda granted the extension to the 10 February 2012 and has also extended bail for the first accused Agnes Nyirenda a deputy head Teacher at Zingale Basic School of Chipata District to the same date while the second accused  Kachepa Zulu of Kavala village of chief Mwangala’s area still remain in police custody.

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