Chaile: PF has already rigged Lusaka mayoral polls

Chaile: PF has already rigged Lusaka mayoral polls

PF have already rigged Lusaka mayoral election in favor of miles Sampa.

The PF govt are doing everything possible to impose Miles Sampa on the people of Lusaka.

Yesterday PF was seen distributing chickens to the electorate taking  advantage of hunger and poverty they have created as a govt in power.

This is a serious abuse of electoral code of conduct.The electoral act is very clear on general offences.

21 (h) …offer any inducement, reward or bribe to any person in consideration of such person-
(i) joining or not joining any political
(ii) attending or not attending any
political event;
(iii) voting or not voting;

If ECZ was truly independent Miles Sampa would have been disqualified from the race for practising politics of hunger and poverty.

If PF are popular in Lusaka and confident of winning,then why are they bribing voters with food?

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party

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