Chakolwanomis: beer prices fall

Chakolwanomis: beer prices fall


img_1683 img_1684Zambian Breweries has reduced the price of its Mosi and Castle lager.

The recommended retail price of a 375ml bottle of both lagers is now K7, reduced from K7.50.

Zambian Breweries Country Director Annabelle Degroot said the cut alcohol prices will encourage drinkers to move away from cheap illegally brewed high-alcohol beverages that pose a danger to public safety as well as denying government tax revenue.

Degroot explained that when beer prices drop, overall alcohol consumption does not increase but rather consumers tend to move away from cheaper higher alcohol options with an average ABV (alcohol by volume) of 43 percent, back into clear beer with an average ABV of 4.5 percent. She claimed This is an important driver of responsible alcohol consumption and government revenue collection.

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