Chalimbana to start forcing students to buy food

I am a student at Chalimbana and what happens is that food is normally provided by the school but the problem is that the food we are given most of the time is bad (rotten.  Just yesterday they prepared bad chicken and as students we tried to seek audience with management.

The outcome was that the university will effective next year stop providing food instead they will be selling food with plain from K5 plain rice to about K30 per meal full meal.

They have stopped us from coming with our food stating that there is no way a student will be allowed to cook food from the rooms.

They have further stated that students who will not afford to buy food should look for accommodation elsewhere and this place has no boarding houses. Please all we want is the minister to come to our aid.  Which of our parents will manage K60 per day just for meals? The situation is bad and whoever says anything is threatened to be expelled.

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