Chalimbana university accused of financial exploitation

Chalimbana university accused of financial exploitation

Your media house is the most trusted and I think this injustice by thieves at Chalimbana University must be checked.

What I know Chalimbana along with other intuitions were closed indefinitely due to COVID-19. And that happened before term two was concluded. The memo was circulated to the student populace that starting 1st June some quarters of students will open for term three.
And the nature of the programs have structured in such a way that a group will be in school for not morethan 3 weeks. In short Term three will only have two weeks of learning and one week for examinations, no sports…….
Now the school is asking parents to pay:
Tuition fees: in full amount just for two weeks of learning
Lodging reduced just by 50 % as if the will be in school for 50 days which is half of a term
Sports fee: in full – with keep a meter as if they will be sports taking place
And other feels have been maintained..
What they are forgetting is most parents at this time they don’t have a stable source of income.
The best was to allow the students to just pay registration and examination fees, so that they can have their exams…
Hastings Tembo – 2021 Mazabuka Mayor.

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