Chama is irresponsible father, grabbed ex-wife’s guest house

PF Secretary General Davies Chama is just a conman like most PF thieves.

Mr Davies Chama, the mighty PF secretary General, when was the last time you saw your firstborn son? Are you on speaking terms with him? How can you save Zambia if you don’t care about your own family? The information we have is that your own children hate you, others do not even want to see you due to your behaviour.

And do you really own Avon Guest House or you stole it from your former wife who is now suffering?
This is what we know. Was’nt Avon Guest house actually owned by Zambia Railways but leased to former top managers. We hear It was given to your estranged wife Melody Muamba as part of a package when she stopped working as manager for the Zambia Railways guesthouses.
But we are aware that using your influence as Zambia Railways board chairman you manipulated and doctored some documents to disadvantage your wife from ownership, again abusing your position. Time will come when you will account Sir.
1. Avon Agro marketing
Davis Chama was working as a credit manager at Zambia Cooperatives Federation. During his tenure there he abused his position and started diverting fertilisers and funds from ZCF to his newly registered company Avon Agro marketing.
In fact at the time of starting his company he had no stocks and start up capital but created artificial shortages of inputs at ZCF, while diverting the same to his newly registered firm which he gave out at a higher price thereby obtaining pecuniary advantage.
After he was dismissed from ZCF, this company has been limping, he has failed to run it as he also owes some farmers in central province huge sums of money which he cheated them as being cooperative deposits.
To Chama, politics is an avenue to make more money for his pockets and that is why he disrespectfully turned down late President Sata’s decision to send him to India as a diplomat, lying that he wanted to take care of his sick mother – Which mother? Doesn’t India have even better medical facilities than Zambia and if Chama’s reason was his sick mother, couldn’t he have jumped at that occasion so that his mother can access better health facilities as a diplomat’s parent? How can he claim to be caring for his mother when he has failed to take care of his own children who are with the mother in Kabwe while others are just spewed over with other concubines?

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