Chama owed the man who slept with his wife money, put wife ahead

Chama owed the man who slept with his wife money, put wife ahead

 PF secretary general Davis Chama owed Nkalibonene, the Kabwe businessman and transporter who was found having sex with his wife Melody, huge sums of money. But Chama failed to pay back or take responsibility by facing his debtor but instead put his wife ahead to meet the man he owed money. In the process, the debtor and Chama’s wife started sleeping together.

According to information accessed by



the Watchdog, in 2009 Chama borrowed colossal sums of money, which he claimed he wanted to pump into his company Avon Agro marketing but he squandered it on concubines.

Chama then pledged the two guesthouses in Kabwe and Lusaka as collateral but the guesthouses were not his but on lease from Zambia Railways to his wife. He was hoping that Zambia Railways, which was on concession then and was selling most of its assets, would sell the guest house to the Chamas. A deal was made that Nkalibonene would finance the purchase and later get the guest houses but after PF victory in 2011 and repossessing of the railway company Nkalibonene became insecure with the earlier deal and started demanding his money back.

Chama ignored several reminders by Nkalibonene, especially that he had now acquired political power as ruling PF Lusaka province chairman. The result was that Nkalibonene started sleeping with Chama’s poor wife until one day he caught them in the act in 2012.

In shock, Chama permanently relocated to Lusaka and only visits Kabwe in the night to check on the shell of his Avon Agro marketing firm which he has entrusted his friend and former workmate at ZCF, a Simuchimba to run.

In short, Chama’s irresponsibility and indebtedness made him indirectly exchange his wife with a debtor though the debt is still outstanding and we can only hope that he doesn’t abuse his influence as ZR board chair to acquire the guest houses in Lusaka and Kabwe.


 Sata sidelined Chama because he refused to reconcile with his wife, take care of his children

Late President Michael Sata made several attempts but in vain to convince Chama to reunite with his wife Melody even after the adultery case with Nkalibonene, the Kabwe based businessman whom Chama owed money but he refused hence his side-lining.

PF insiders have told the Zambian Watchdog that after understanding the circumstances under which the adultery was committed, Sata blamed Chama and ordered that he reconciles with the wife.

“You know how humorous the President was… after it was known that it was because of Chama’s failure to pay nkongole, the President told him that ‘uli cipuba, niwe walengele umukashi obe ukulungana (you are a fool and causer of your wife’s adultery action)’

Chama told the President that he was so devastated and that people who knew about the affair would be laughing at him hence Sata’s decision to appoint him as deputy high commissioner to India so that he would start a new life but he declined the offer.

“It is not that President Sata hated him no but its because Chama’s record was dented. If you see, Wynter Kabimba also had a difference with his wife but it was Sata who reconciled them and that was why Sata viewed Wynter as being more obedient than Chama,” added the source.


Watchdog Note: Results are there to show whether Chama is adding value to PF or not.

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