Chama says Scott will be among Lungu’s supporters at filing as Bwalya writes more insults


After suspending him, calling him a pig; foreigner bent on bring chaos, liar, having no influence, not God, passing vote of no confidence and telling him to resign, Lungu’s team now says Guy Scott will lead the filing in of nominations.

Meanwhile, Frank Bwalya, one of the key supporters of Lungu has written this to Scott:

RE: YOUR RECENT DIVISIVE AND DESTABILIZING CONDUCTPREAMBLEI wish to begin by expressing my disappointment at the manner in which you responded to my revelation that you were a member of the new Rainbow Party. In responding to my revelation you asked me to go to hell. I think that a good leader should not answer people in the manner you did. Therefore, I urge you to be civil your language.YOUR ARE A MEMBER OF RAINBOW PARTY

I insist that you are a member of the Rainbow party. My source of information is very credible. Some members of the Rainbow party who are close to me informed me about plans to form Rainbow party and tried to convince me to join.

When I asked who was behind it I was informed about a number of people including yourself.

So I am very convinced that you are a member of Rainbow party and your recent destabilizing conduct in Patriotic Front (PF) is part of your plan to diminish the fortunes of PF before you formally join your new party. But you must know that your destructive schemes are posing a serious security risk to all citizens.


I wish to disagree with you over your claim that you were committed to maintaining law and order and upholding the Republican Constitution because you notoriously disobeyed a court order. Information has come up that you were aware of the court order not to go ahead with your illegal general conference at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority near Kabwe after shunning the legally constituted general conference which was called by yourself. It is common knowledge that you have no respect for the law and our courts. You are lawless. If it had not been for the presidential immunity from prosecution that you enjoy as acting president you should have been dragged to court for the criminal offence of contempt.

It is therefore a scandal that you ran to the same courts to obtain an injunction to restrain PF leader Mr. Edgar Lungu from demoting you as PF Vice President. You want Mr. Lungu and PF to obey the order of the injunction you got and allow you to continue occupying the position of PF Vice President and yet you refused to obey a similar order from the same courts. This shows that you are a bad leader and you don’t deserve the respect of our people.


Your action to write a letter to the acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda instructing her not to receive nomination papers from Mr. Edgar C Lungu who is the duly elected leader of PF and sole presidential candidate is an example of your lack of respect for the separation of powers. Are you telling us that the acting Chief Justice is ignorant of cases before the courts of law for which she is Chief Justice? Are you telling us that the acting Chief Justice would not do the right thing without your counsel? And who are you to start instructing the judiciary? Do you think that just because you are a white man you are the only intelligent and wise person in Zambia and that the rest of us are stupid?


The cheap propaganda that you have been spreading has exposed you as a very shallow leader who is not fit to govern our country as acting president. Your claim that the reason why cabinet ministers have risen against you is because you have refused to allow Mr. Edgar Lungu to abuse public funds in his presidential campaign portrays you as a lair and cheap propagandist. You know in your heart and the country knows as well that the reason why Mr. Lungu demoted you as Vice President of PF is due to your indiscipline exhibited in your misguided letter to the acting Chief Justice which was an attempt to block Mr. Lungu from filling his nominations.

If I may ask you, what is the connection between your letter and the misconduct surrounding it, on the one hand and the issue of abusing state resources on the other hand? Even a grade one child can see that you were just playing cheap politics by trying to link the action of Mr. Lungu to discipline you to the issue of his alleged attempt to abuse public resources. You know better than any citizen that Mr. Lungu has never approached to help him abuse public funds. You also know that Mr. Lungu has been hiring private planes and motor vehicles for his campaign. However, you have chosen to lie and engage in cheap propaganda to tarnish the name of an innocent person just because he was not your preferred candidate.


I wish to warn you to stop taking Zambians for fools. Our people have embraced you after deciding to forget about how you were fired by late Dr. Frederick Chiluba after that scandal of slaughtering pigs. Our people saw in you a man who meant well for our country until recently. Be informed that majority of our people are very upset with you. They have now seen your true colour as an enemy of the truth, peace and common sense. The manner in which have been insulting the collective intelligence of our citizens and mistreating an innocent man namely Edgar Lungu has convinced our people that you are an enemy of the Zambian community.


Finally, I urge you to repent and do your job of managing the transition in line with the law, professionalism and common sense. I know that you are very frustrated after failing to manipulate things to impose a presidential candidate for PF. But your decision to vent your frustrations in a manner that endangers the peace of our country shall never be tolerated.

Yours faithfully,

Fr. Frank Bwalya

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