Chama tells Lungu’s 2015 election partners to go to hell

PF secretary general Davis Chama says politicians expecting rewards from President Edgar Lungu for helping him win the 2015 election are being unfair because they did so without preconditions. But then this is typical donchi kubeba strategy of PF.

Chama’s comments come after Lungu’s refusal to reward all people who supported him in spite of earlier arrangements to reward them, among them is All People’s Congress leader Nason Msoni who campaigned with Lungu but on Wednesday threatened to decampaign him because he has not been rewarded. He said it was wishful thinking for Lungu to expect people to have campaigned for him for free because they were not his children.

But sources from the PF have said that Lungu’s failure to reward all the people that he promised to reward was because of the huge demand of positions that former President Rupiah Banda had taken for his supporters who are being fused into PF.

“The President would like to reward all those who helped him but RB has taken a huge share of the available positions, in fact some PF supporters have equally not yet been rewarded. It looks like the man’s hands are so tied and RB is manipulating him. Furthermore there are some people who think they are close to Lungu but if they are not in good books with RB then they should just forget,” said the source.

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