Chama frustrated in Kasempa

Hello ZWD, hide my ID once more.

Davies Chama’s drama in North Western Province continues!!! The Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama poured his frustration at former Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kaykesa and the Insakwa yaba Kaonde Chairperson Kadansa Sansakuwa accusing them as a cause of failure for his mobilisation trip. Mr Chama is in North Western Province where he is enduring a very frustrated trip. He yesterday survived being lynched to death after being whisked away by the Police from an angry mob in Manyinga and today he was shocked to discover that there were no Patriotic Front (PF) structures in Kasempa. There was nobody to organise in Kasempa, there is no PF and Chama ended up holding a meeting with Civil Servants (mostly cleaners and office orderlies) at the Council Hall who he encouraged to work with the PF because it was the party in government. At about 10:00 hours Mr Chama was at Kasempa District Administration Office where he linked up with Mr Ndanadanda, the Acting District Commissioner for kasempa. Mr Chama was head talking to Mr Ndandanda.

Look at this friend of yours (referring to Kayekesa, the former Kasempa DC who also owns a band) he was lying to us that the party was strong in Kasempa, it was a lie. He concentrated on his band and am told that he even found himself a wife from amongst his dancers, that is foolish. I was right when I informed the head of State that he was not fit to occupy the position of DC. He has no authority over the people here. he is just hungry, it is money that he wants, it is a lie) that he is capable of organising the party here using his position as the chairperson for the Nsakwa, awe bufi (no it is a lie). Let’s learn to tell the truth when its money that we just want and stop wasting each other’s time. Look at him, those are children he is bringing, he said he would bring crowds of people. I can’t stand this nonsense; he is tempting me. Even u, DC time has come you must work, the president heard your plea at State house and you were rewarded, work for him. He is away in Lusaka and all he has here is you people and you have to do as you promised. Now let’s do like this, we have to speak to people, we are the government, I won’t wait for the silly things from Mr Sansakuwa, he has failed.
Mr. Ndandanda is one of the corrupt MMD councillors that were bought by President Edgar Lungu in the September, 2015 parliamentary by-elections for Solwezi West to help the PF candidate in his campaign who however suffered a white wash defeat to Honourable Teddy Kasonso, fondly known by the locals as ‘bakulumpe’. The next destination for mr Chama is Solwezi. Mr Sansakuwa is eyeing the position of provincial chairman but Mr. Chama has been against this as he does not trust the man and people have failed to know where his loyalty lies because he has been very close to UPND having campaigned for the party in the january, 2015 presidential by elections. He was Provincial Chairman for MMD and only defected in July, 2015 during Edgar Lungu’s visit to Solwezi.

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