Chanda claims Kambwili will be expelled on Sarturday


The “almighty” Nathan Chanda is at it again telling thr people of luanshya that Hon. Chishimba Kambwili will be expelled this saturday. This comes barely 48hrs before the central committee sits to delibarete on the findings of the disciplinary committe which was chaired by Ngosa Simbyakula. Chanda claimed that his well connected sources have assured him that Roan Mp Hon. Kambwili is already gone because the meeting on Saturday Will just be a rubber stamp. Our Comrade on the ground in luanshya found Chanda’s stooges Sevelino Mwango and Yotam Chongo ” preaching the good news” about Hon. Kambwili’s expulsion on saturday. When contacted for a comment,Chanda claimed that he does not start a fight that he would lose. The entire copperbelt in engulfed in a sombre mood as the province has received this news with belief because Chanda is now being considered a “prophet” because whatever he has said about Kambwili’s fate has come to pass begining with his dismisal from cabinet. More as information keeps trickling in.


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