Chanda claims there is no power vacuum

Amos Chanda says there is no power vacuum as all government departments including the treasury are working. He also claims Edgar Lungu is in charge. So then why have civil servants not been paid?


Below is the statement from Chanda who now sees himself as a small president:


STATE House has stated that there is no power vacuum in the country as incumbent Republican President His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also President-elect is still in charge.


Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said President Lungu does not cease to be President until he hands over the instruments of power to the President-elect.


Mr Chanda told Journalists at a Press Briefing at State House today that there has never been a situation in Zambia where the outcome of an election leaves a power vacuum. He said the incumbent President is always the custodian of the instruments of power which he exercises with the full support of all security services and the Civil Service.


Mr Chanda said that all Government wings including the Civil Service were operating normally and that there was no cause for apprehension.


‘’The Central Bank continues to be fully in charge of the monetary policy whilst the Secretary to the Treasury is overseeing the fiscal policy side of the economy,’’ Mr Chanda said.


He added that the President has assured the financial services industry that there would be no disruptions in market operations.


The Special Assistant to the President also said the President is disappointed with some sections of society who have continued to issue statements to undermine the court process and the integrity of the State in general.


He said the President wants all parties to let the due process of the court to take place without undue pressure.


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