Chanda orders police to arrest GBM

Chanda orders police to arrest GBM

FORGED president Edgar Lungu Special Assistant for Press Amos Chanda has asked the police to investigate United Party for National Development vice president Geoffrey Mwamba for allegedly saying government was burning buildings on the pretext that it was opposition parties behind the fires.

Chanda said at a press briefing that Mwamba recently claimed that during the time that he served as Defence minister, the government then used to set buildings on fire but blamed the opposition for the infernos.

“GBM made a statement that when he was Defence minister government set buildings on fire. If GBM makes a confession that they used to burn buildings the police should follow him,” said Chanda.

Chanda said that following the allegations by Mwamba, he consulted others that held the defence portfolio and none agreed with the allegations by Mwamba.

“We took time to talk to former defence ministers and nobody told us that they used to burn buildings while in government,” he said.

He said that after careful scrutiny, State House discovered that it was at a time that Mwamba served as defence minister that Buseko market was reduced to rubbles owing to infernos on at least three occasions.

Chanda also warned that the PF would continue to gag media houses that were unfriendly to the them. He said it was difficult to follow online media outlets because according to him were faceless.

He said MUVI television for example even refused paid for adverts from the PF when it was in government ahead of the August 11 elections.

“MUVI TV went to the extent of refusing paid for adverts from a party in government. The guys said that could air paid for adverts for only two minutes instead of 10 minutes. The freedom you have as a media can land you in trouble. I will not defend irresponsible Journalism. At times I feel ashamed to be a Journalist,” said Chanda.

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