Chanda’s contempt case still on

Chanda’s contempt case still on

Despite DPP Lilian Shawa having discountiued the contempt of court case against Edgar Lungu’ Spokesperson Amos Chanda, the court will still hear  the formal application.

As things stand, the DPP has not yet formally taken over the matter from private prosecutors, Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyers.

But because she is acting under political pressure, the DPP started by entering a nolle prosecui before taking over the matter. She was supposed to first apply to court to take over the matter then once the court obliges, that is when she should have abused her powers to discontinue the case.

The matter is coming up at 12 hours,  but Nolle was entered at 0830 and courts start sitting at 09hrs.


Zambia the real Africa.

DPP Shawa

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