Changala challenges govt about President Sata whereabouts

By Charles Katongo

The government should immediately inform the people of Zambia the whereabouts of President Sata to stop the rumours which are bringing the country into serious security risks.

Brebner Changala a civil rights campaigner  said government should not take the people for granted by playing dangerous games in seeking to keep the whereabouts of the president under a veil adding that“President Sata is not an ordinary citizen and his whereabouts should be known by all Zambians at all times”

President Sata is reported to have left Ethiopia after attending the Africa Union (AU) meeting but his current whereabouts have been kept a secret by the government.

“We demand that the President be produced to the people of Zambia in reasonable time to stop the rumours which are bringing the country into serious security risks.

The President left Ethiopia on Tuesday but we have not been told where he is and yet we were told when he was leaving for the African Union (AU) meeting” he said.

Changala said there was nothing unusual about a human being falling sick and added that the Zambian government should be bold enough to tell the citizens the truth about the health of the president.

“The rumours that he is attending medication in India can only be stopped by telling the truth. The Zambian people are tired of being taken for granted and we should be trusted with the whereabouts of our Commander in Chief” he said.

He said it was becoming difficult for the citizens to believe President Sata’s special assistant for press George Chellah’s statements because “We do not know where they are being done.

It could be in India, Cambodia or anywhere else but we demand to know where the President is”.

On Thursday UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said that it was morally and politically incorrect for the government to keep the whereabouts of President Sata under a veil.

He said citizens should be informed about the whereabouts of the President to avoid rumour mongering and speculations adding that playing silent games on President Sata’s foreign travels would only compel the citizens to try and find out what government were hiding.

Changala said government should not waste time but urgently address the citizens’ anxiety by informing them about the health and whereabouts of President who left Ethiopia on Tuesday.

Source Daily Nation

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