Changala counsels Nawakwi on her vulgar language

Changala counsels Nawakwi on her vulgar language

Brebner Changala

A senior FDD member has cautioned FDD president Edith Nawakwi against starting quarrels with other leaders and when they respond she runs to the women movement to cry for support.

FDD member Brebner Changala insisted that Ms. Nawakwi should concentrate on rebuilding the party than insulting other leaders who are also expected to respond to her outbursts.

Reacting to the bitter exchange between Nawakwi and UPND president Hakainde Hichilema last week, Mr. Changala said it was wrong for Nawakwi to start a verbal outburst against others and not expect them to respond.

Mr. Changala also advised the women movement against being used by opportunists like some newspapers who have an agenda to destroy those they hate.

He wondered why lonely women like Emily Sikazwe and Sara Longwe were quick to be used by certain newspapers when it suited them yet there are so many vulnerable women out there that are facing injustices at the hands of government.

Changala gave a recent example where Mrs. Pamela Hamasaka from Lusaka Water was also dismissed a week after the husband was fired from Evelyn Hone College after Mr. Hichilema attempted to feature on Hone radio, the husband’s work place.

“Where have they been when this poor and innocent fellow woman was being victimised by PF government purely on something that happened to the husband’s work place?

I’m a man and I have been to visit that family and established from correspondence that she (Pamela Hamasaka) was also made to carry the husband’s sins, but these women who claim to protect other women would rather be used to protect powerful women like Nawakwi who start quarrels with other people but do not expected them to respond”, Changala said.

Mr. Changala also wondered why the same women who are calling for Hakainde to apologise to women are not asking Nawakwi to also apologise for calling men ‘pigs’.

“Since they are saying what Hakainde says applies to all women, then we as men are also offended for being referred to a pigs”, Mr. Changala said.

Mr. Changala also wondered where these women movement were when some politicians abused Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa during the funeral of her husband by advising her to go to Alangizi.

“Since they like protecting powerful women, where were they when some politicians recently abused late George Kunda’s wife, Ireen Kunda, to concentrate on traditional cleansing instead of politics” Changala asked.

Mr. Changala said he was looking forward to the day FDD will go back to its glory days of more than 20 MPs if well mobilised instead of picking up quarrels all the time on issues that don’t build the party.

“Can Ms. Nawakwi issue a full statement on the current state of FDD. Are we going to take part in Mufumbwe bye-election. These are the issues for FDD leadership to work on. She must start marketing the FDD”, says Changala.

These women NGOs have always de-campaigned her in all the previous elections and she has never won the hearts of the women folk in this great country. She must stop being used,” Changala said.

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