Changala demands for commission of inquiry on Sata’s death-Culprits to be prosecuted

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to look into the circumstances leading to President Sata’s death.
Changala said people who concealed the presidents illness should be held accountable and further noted that the commission of inquiry should also establish why the cabinet failed to act when the president was ‘allegedly’ sick and why a medical check-up resulted in death.
The Zambian government had always maintained that the President was working and enjoying good health.
Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa however recently told ZNBC after Sata’s death that the past five months had been difficult for the (Sata) family due to the president’s condition.
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba recently spoke about the president having been sick but few weeks prior to the presidents death, Kalaba had maintained that the president was fine and even threatened that the government was following up the New York police for issuing a statement concerning Sata’s health when he travelled to New York for the United Nations General Assembly.
Former president Frederick Chiluba died in suspicious circumstances and there was no investigation or report given while a report on circumstances leading to the death of President Mwanawasa was closed at cabinet level.

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