Changala disappointed by biased lawyers in Lungu’s 3rd term bid

Changala disappointed by biased lawyers in Lungu’s 3rd term bid

Lawyers exposing partisan interest in President Lungu’s eligibility for 2021- Brebner Changala

Zambia is at legal and political crossroads- Even our learned lawyers are now interpreting the constitution to suit their political affiliations interests. I bet our judges are enjoying the legal drama playing out there before them.

Article 106(3) or something of the sort has deliberately 15 if not more legal interpretations, and authority depending on the client you are representing.
One more concern or indeed confusion is the role of the Artoney General in a matter that is more or less personal in nature.
The petitioners are Presidents of the so-called political parties.The question that begs answers is,what’s their interest since all these presidents qualify to stand in 2021? They don’t need President Lungu for them to contest 2021 elections. But why are they in court? What’s the motivation?
Are they political mercenaries for President Lungu?
Why have they kept the constitutional court busy for close to a year on a non issue to many including PF as political party?

The main subject(President Lungu), surprisingly is not part to the cause.And conspicuously missing in this matter is PF as a party. Yes- you heard me-PF.

But when you look very closely,these so-called Presidents are all being represented by PF lawyers. Yes, senior lawyers and some State Counsel.
Who’s paying for the legal fees for these Presidents? Only time will tell some day.

I sense a lot of panic and uneasiness from certain people.
A non issue has been blown out of proportion by shenanigans nabakandile. It’s a shame

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