Changala questions role of Guy Scott in PF govermnent.

Changala questions role of Guy Scott in PF govermnent.

Concerned citizen Changala

A concerned citizen, Brebner Changala, has questioned the need for an elaborate security detail for Vice-President Guy Scott when he is not eligible for presidency even in an interim capacity if something happens to the sitting president.

Mr. Changala said the concept of personal security detail and the associated expenditure for leaders in any country is determined by their role to the presidency.

“For example in America during the September 2001 terror attacks, priority was given to the President, Vice-President, then Chairman of Congress, and so on according the American Constitution and line of succession to office of the presidency” Mr. Changala said.

He further said even in terms of operations, it is very difficult for Dr. Scott to delegate other ministers when their allegiance is to the Acting President, Alexander Chikwanda, when President Sata is out of the country.

He also wondered how Dr. Scott operates in Parliament as Leader of the House that also comprises his boss Chikwanda when the president is out the country.

Mr. Changala further said it is sheer waste of resources for government to maintain the current security detail such as a motorcade and personal security for Dr. Scott when his position is basically irrelevant under the current PF set-up.

“It is actually tantamount to undermining and embarrassing Dr. Scott as an individual when the best President Sata can do is to offer him a ministerial position such as Agriculture which he knows better,” Changala said.

The PF government has admitted that Vice-President Guy Scott is not given the instruments of power to act when Sata is out the country because he is not eligible.

This was after former Vice-President George Kunda challenged the PF government to disclose reasons why Dr. Scott never acts when the president is out the country.

Mr. Kunda had challenge threatened to raise constitutional issues in the courts of law regarding the position of Dr. Scott.

President Sata yesterday left for a State visit in Botswana where he went to open a school but again left Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to Act.

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