Changala re-submits court requests to examine Sata’s head

Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala has re-submitted his writ of Mandamus for judicial review in which he is seeking relief on the decision or indecision by Cabinet to consider the question of the physical and mental capacity of President Michael Sata.

This is despite the High Court’s earlier decision to dismiss his initial application for judicial review in a matter he asked the court to constitute a medical board to examine the health of President Sata.

Mr. Changala says he re-submitted his writ of Mandamus this morning in the same court through his Lawyer Makebi Zulu.

He states that despite his re-submitted writ of Mandamus retaining the same content as the earlier writ dismissed on grounds that it lacked merit and was frivolous and vexatious, he is hopeful that his matter will considered on merit.

He says only this time he wants three Judges to look at the matter and for the court to allow him being the applicant, and the Attorney General, who is the respondent, to be heard.

Mr. Changala says his ultimate goal to push for the establishment of a medical board to examine the health of President Sata, is to ensure that the Head of State is working for the very purpose that he was elected by the Zambian people.


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