Changala released

The PF regime, in shame, has backpedaled its persecution and harassment of Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala.

The regime through its Director of Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito has just discontinued the drug case against Changala.

Changala was arrested and charged with his sister on trumped-up charges of drug trafficking and put in a dungeon since the offence is not bailable in Zambia.

The two persecuted family members were taken to court where they pleaded their innocence but taken back to prison and told tthat the mock trial would start on Thursday this week.

But suddenly and following round condemnation, the police took Changala and his sister to court this morning where the PF regime entered a nolle prosequi.

This means Changala and sister are now free but it also means they can be arrested again.

The Drug Enforcement Commission who searched Changala’s house allegedly found ecstacy a sex drive enhancing drug but the accused say what the state agents went away with was Vermox a deworming drug for children.

Changala had been a stern critic of the Michael Sata led government and has vowed never to shut up.

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