Change Lungu’s cursed name, pastor Kasonde

Change Lungu’s cursed name, pastor Kasonde

One of the ‘bishops’ who conducted rituals during the PF day of prayers yesterday says Edgar Lungu’s middle name ‘Chagwa’ should be changed.

Kasonde said Lungu should not fall as his name suggest.

“In the East, they call him Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but I will call him Edgar ‘Chaima’, chifukwa siuzagwa iyayi (because you will not fall). Atate simuzagwa iyayi, muzaimilila nji (father, you will not fall, you will stand firm). Mzinda wayehova uli pamutu panu. Simungagwe! Simuzagwa (Heaven is upon you, will not fall, you cannot fall). Sindiwe Chagwa, ndiwe Chaima (you are not ‘it has fallen’ you are ‘it has risen’). Uzaimilila mpaka udindo wako uzapitiliza muzina la Yesu’” said Kasonde.

From the time Lungu forcing himself into State house through rigging elections and beating his opponents, things have been falling in Zambia. Lungu himself was the first one to fall during Women’s day in 2015. He has since stopped falling in public but everything else apart from his bank accounts is falling. Democracy, which includes the rule of law has fallen, Zambia is no longer a peaceful but divided, fallen country. The economy is on its knees, the Church is divided etc. Indeed Me Kasonde is right ‘Chagwa’ is a curse.

Another Pastor called Sinyangwe prayed that there shall be no more deaths of a sitting Head of State in Zambia.

“We come against every disease in State House. We pray for protection of our President. We pray against the spirit of death in our country. There shall be no more deaths of a President…,” prayed Sinyangwe.

The prayers and fasting were for reconciliation but it’s not clear who the attendants reconciled with, maybe among themselves.

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