Changing bus colours meant to wipe MMD from minds of Zambians – Chirundu MMD


The MMD in Chirundu has described the changing of  colour on public transport buses as a deliberate political gimmick by PF to wipe out MMD in the minds  and eyes of many Zambians.

MMD Chirundu district secretary Gift Chanda says the project is also aimed at diverting the good work, trust and love the people of Zambia still have for the former ruling party.

‘The PF strongly believe that, the colour blue is for MMD’ , Chanda who is also former MMD Chirundu District counsellor said.

Chanda explained that the changing of colours on buses by the Government will have no economic benefit to the people of Zambia but instead, will negatively affect the transport sector.

He said changing of bus colours from blue has in fact annoyed many Zambians who like the colour blue ‘because some buses for instance here in Chirundu looks like Zesco vehicles, which is so confusing.’

He said the Government should have looked at many challenges the transport sector is currently facing such as high cost of fuel and  tyres  and  they must considered  removing  Excise duty on tyres, fuel and electricity in the next budget instead of playing with colours.

He said Government should focus on improving the live’s of the Zambian people by fulfilling many promises they made during the 2011 general elections campaign.

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