Chaos in PF affecting whole nation

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) is concerned with the continued squabbles that have characterized the ruling Patriotic Front over the past weeks.
This continued confusion is worrying in that it is rapidly spilling over to the lower party structures as well.
The on-going confusion in the PF is affecting the development of the country as fo…cus towards issues of importance has been diverted to the debate created by senior party leaders who are directing their energies towards creating more and more confusion, a situation which is unhealthy for the whole nation.
The Council of Churches in Zambia is making a clarion call to the leader of the party who is also the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, to come out in the open and address this issue in order to bring to an end all the wrangling, infighting and confusion which, if left uncheck, risks erupting into serious conflict which may destabilize the country’s peace and security.
The Council has noted that the President has previously instructed his leaders to stop the infighting but none of the warring members of the party have acted on that directive and have since continued to fight.  This is a sign that this directive has been challenged by the warring members and that the President must now show leadership by firmly acting upon this behavior by the members of his political party.
The Council would like to see more energies by the ruling party directed towards debating on issues of development, poverty eradication and reducing inefficiency in government rather than on matters of hatred and divisions.
There is need for the President to instill a sense of responsibility and discipline in all the leaders as well as the Zambian citizens and restore people’s confidence in the governance of the country.
For our part as a Council, we will continue to pray for God’s divine intervention.

Issued by:

Reverend Suzanne Matale

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