Charcoal burners kill former Wusakile MP

Former PF Wusakile MP Barnabas Chella has been axed to death by suspected charcoal burners in the area.

Mr Chella, was till his death a farmer and businessman ignited the wrath charcoal burners in the area because of his anti-deforestation campaign.

Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer Fred Mulenga confirmed the death of Mr Chella and said two suspects have since been arrested in connection with the murder of the former MP.

“Yes, i can confirm that there is a murder of Mr Chella and two people have since been arrested in connection with the murder, but i don’t have details right now,” Mr Mulenga said.

Mr Chella has in the recent past been coming out so strong against the rampant deforestation in the area, but his successor Richard Musukwa recently told the charcoal burners in the area to continue with the deforestation in the area.

A few months ago, Chellah resigned from his party to join the UPND at a rally addressed by party president Hakainde Hichilema.

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