Charging for blessings: police arrest prophet

Police in Solwezi have arrested a 33 year-old man for charging members of the public K70 for him to pray for them and receive blessings.

The man known as prophet Wiseman Mbewe of Apostolic Fire Ministries, a resident of Lusaka was in Solwezi to conduct prayer sessions at a fee.

Police picked the ‘prophet’ in in the middle of prayers at Solwezi Show Ground on Friday evening.

North-western Province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote later told a local Television station NWTv that the blessings from God are not for sale.

Some Solwezi residents complained that they found it strange to be paying a fee for prayers to the conman who claims to have been ordained in Zimbabwe.

The Police Commissioner has since asked the public to come forward and reclaim their money, which accumulated into tens of thousands.

It is very common in Zambia for conmen to call themselves pastors, bishops, reverends etc… and go about collecting money from the pious public.

Some of the bigger businesses in Lusaka called churches have even installed ATM points within church building for ‘believers’ to access offering and tithe fast.

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