Charity Katanga angers police officers

Poor planning by Lusaka Division Commission of Police this afternoon angered some police officers that she deployed to arrest people illegally allocating plots along Mungwi Road near Pepsi.

The Police officers in full riot gear, ten land-cruisers and Nissan Hard bodies were deployed early in the cold winter morning and only managed to get a handful of poor women who were crushing stones by 15:30hours.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior police office told the Watchdog that because of poor planning by Katanga, the police used a wrong entrance thereby making the illegal plot allocators, mainly PF cadres, runway.

The more than hundred cops also complained of hunger as they had nothing to eat the whole day.

“This Charity Katanga girl is going too far and too excited. How can she send more than a battalion of police officers to go and arrest poor stone crushers”.

“Actually, we suspect she is receiving something from the owner of the plot”, the irate officers said.

“Imagine we just inconvenienced members of the public with the escort by closing the roads as we had picked criminals yet we only had a few poor women,” the officers complained.

Other visibly annoyed officers were overhead saying “batenga ba wrong” after all that noise of motorbikes and sirens.

The officers observed that there was no difference between the poor women stone crushers they picked and the vendors in the streets because they are all struggling for a living.

By press time, all the officers were at Lusaka Central Police headquarters awaiting to be addressed by Katanga.

The officers said Charity Katanga’s emotional deployments are usually influenced by her husband, Chola Katanga, who is Commanding Officer for Lilayi Training College.

The couple want to use police training on innocent Zambian citizens.

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