Charles Chanda has conned 8000 people but still free

Charles Chanda has conned 8000 people but still free

Editor, Please Help Us.
In the first place I must admit that we are fools and should have listened to you. You warned us that Charles Chanda advertises bogus land which does not exists but most of us did not listen to your advise and bought land near the KKI Airport which he claimed was his.
Being a clever conn man, he even produced some fake survey diagrams so that people purchasing the plots can choose from. One year down the line he has not delivered the said plots and we only came to learn that he actually does not even own the land he had advertised.
Please note over 8000 people purchased these fantasy plots valued at average cost of k20000. We have reported him to the police but we are wondering why he has not been arrested for obtaining Money under false pretence.
Attached is a list of members he has conned who have come together to create a whatsapp group. Note that a group can only allow about 256 members and several other groups have been created but various people. A lot of people have also reported him to various police stations but he is not being arrested for conning people.

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    Lisa 5 days ago

    Out of 10 thieves 6 are………..

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    You Saud his name is Chanda?  Chanda?