Charlotte says extending inquiry of electoral violence waste of money

Charlotte says extending inquiry of electoral violence waste of money

DR CHARLOTTE Scott says Edgar Lungu’s decision to extend the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry on electoral violence at the expense of socio-economic challenges Zambians are facing is a waste of resources.

PF president Lungu announced the extension of the commission’s mandate to November this year, a move that has angered many stakeholders.

In an interview, Charlotte said it was disappointing that the Head of PF had continued making decisions on his own without making efforts to consult concerned stakeholders.

She wondered why the commission’s mandate was extended when it was clear that the outcome would only favour an individual.

“It is really not worth spending endless sums of public money on commissions where we know in advance the results will only favour a particular individual because things are not being done in a consultative approach. This is where we have a problem. Why spend large amounts of money on that commission when we have lots of people spending their nights hungry? We have a lot of people still struggling to make ends meet, we have 75 per cent increase in the cost of Zesco [electricity]. Is this what people really want to see with their money?” Charlotte asked.

She said the decisions Lungu and the PF were making without considering Zambians were highly disappointing to citizens.

The commission on the electoral violence would have been very useful had that been based on a consensus between all parties because we also have our concerns. But this seems to be a one-sided commission or a commission that is based undoubtedly on one side without even asking the other side whether this is composed in a way and addressed in a manner that they like,
Charlotte said.

“What’s the validity? The issues of violence in the last election was a source of concern but we know that the violence was largely perpetrated onto our supporters and we would have loved to have a commission that would bring out that aspect in the first place before even going anywhere.”

She also accused the PF of having failed the nation.

“People went to vote thinking that there would be a government that is going to address the needs of the people. They want a government that would take them seriously and as things stand, I think it is not right to spend a lot of money on a commission that is ineffective, especially when people are suffering. So extending the mandate of that commission is not a very good idea,” said Charlotte.

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