Charlotte Scott advises Kaizer Zulu to stop lying

Charlotte Scott advises Kaizer Zulu to stop lying

Guy Charlotte Scott UPNDI would like to vehemently dispel allegations levelled at me by Special Assistant to the President Political Affairs, Kaiser Zulu, that I sent a group of UPND members to remove PF billboards in Lusaka last night.

Kaiser Zulu’s allegations are of ill intent and meant to taint my image as aspiring candidate for Lusaka Central.

When I heard the recording this morning I was shocked because I had no idea that some UPND members were last night arrested for allegedly removing PF posters and billboards.

It’s just common sense that I would have been one of the first people to hear of the arrests if indeed I was the one that sent them.

Kaiser Zulu and the PF should instead focus on conducting clean campaigns and stop dragging innocent peoples names into unfounded allegations.

It’s no hidden secret that we have been reporting the removal of our posters in Lusaka Central at various police stations, but nothing has been done by the police.

We have had literally more than 1000 posters removed just in Lusaka Central.

As a matter of fact, we have put up over 8000 posters in Lusaka central and from my estimation at least 50 percent have been removed or damaged.

As for the billboards every Zambian that drives along Lusaka roads has seen how our Billboards have been targeted and brought down in a manner of extreme provocation.

We have picture and video evidence of PF cares in broad daylight removing and destroying our billboards and posters and yet the police have done nothing.

As a party we have formally complained to the Electoral Commission of Zambia concerning the damaging of our campaign materials.

I therefore see no reason why I should sponsor people to go and do the same thing that we are complaining of.

Our campaign is a non violent and clean one. We respect divergent views and we have no intention to injure those that oppose us .

We believe in coexistence and thus we have no problems with seeing other political party’s regalia, posters and billboards alongside ours.

I strongly condemn the removal of political party posters and billboards. I urge all those involved to desist from this retrogressive act.

I also implore the police to be professional and act on the evidence that we have given them.

DR Charlotte Scott,
UPND Lusaka Central Aspiring MP

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