Charmaine Musonda is a PF agent, has 3 children with married man

Charmaine Musonda is a PF agent, has 3 children with married man

Charmaine Musonda says she is not immoral because she started dating jailed MP Keith Mukata when he was already divorced. Hmmm Ok. Granted.

But can virgin Mary Charmaine Musonda tell the voters who the father of her three children is? Is it not another married man different from Mukata? Who is her former husband?

The UPND might hate us. We don’t care. We have never been part of UPND and have never received any funding from UPND. Just because we speak the same language on many issues does not mean that we are part of them. We are a media house not a media outlet of any political party hence we write and speak independently.

Charmaine Musonda can be good for the UPND if they have no morals just  like her. But she is not good for the people of Chilanga and Zambia. If she is elected MP, she will be a law maker for the whole country and not just that polluted place. That is why each and every Zambian has an interest in Charmaine Musonda, the potential law maker for Chilanga.

We will  tell you why we think Charmaine Musonda is not the right candidate for a party led by normal people.

Charmaine Musonda is a prostitute, marriage breaker and trickster. She might have been in UPND for long time but she is certainly not loyal to UPND. Paradigms shifted when she was arrested for murder. The UPND fools will soon realize that we are right. Even if Charmaine Musonda is elected, she will be a mole and agent of the PF who are funding her. That is why they are even threatening to appeal her acquittal in the murder case. They won’t appeal but they are just sending a message to her, that ‘we can come for you anytime if you don’t comply.’

Charmaine Musonda has been in the business of sleeping with married men for a long time. She has three children with Lusaka businessman Mkuzo Kuwani, the CEO of Pan African Building Society and son of former Bank of Zambia governor Bitwell Kuwani (1972 – 1976).

Charmaine is torturing Kuwani’s wife Timah Nyirenda Kuwani by interfering in her marriage and producing bastards. Timah Nyirenda is the owner of Mike’s Kitchen at Arcades.

Typical of Charmaime, when Kuwani was having financial difficulties, she ditched him for Keith Mukata. Now that Keith is in trouble, she ditches him for Garry Nkombo because he can make her MP.

Here is the truth these UPND people need to know about their candidate.

While in detention for murder, she feigned illness and taken to CFB hospital where she met Steven Kapyongo and entered into a deal that would see her freed and her lover and co-accused Mukata jailed. Unknown to Mukata, his lawyers Eric Silwamba and Linyama were the go-between for her and PF. When Mukata realized, he fired his lawyers Silwamba and Linyama. But it was too late. It was at this point ttat Charmaime decided to break up with Keith Mukata. Silwamba was rewarded and made chairman of ZCCM, while his junior partner Linyama was rewarded as Chairman for Zambia Railways.

Now, whi is still talking about morality in relation to Charmaine?

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