Chavuma Man resurrects after seven years

A man of Sakavuyi Village in Chavuma District is believed to have resurrected, seven years after his death.

North-Western Province Police Chief Charles Lungu confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview in Solwezi today and identified the man as Chisola Kafasa of unknown age.

Mr. Lungu said Mr. Kafasa was believed to have died and buried on unknown dates but in 2003, and that to the surprise of his relatives and the other people in Sakavuyi Village, he reappeared before them on 22nd October, 2010.

He further said the matter was reported to the Police in Chavuma, who found Kafasa relaxing at home.  Asked as to whether he was not dead, Kafasa claimed not to have died.

Mr. Lungu directed the police officers in Chavuma to initiate the court formalities for permission to have the dead Kafasa’s body exhumed to verify if there could be any remains in his tomb, and enable the police establish the truth, as that it was the second time the incident of a similar nature was happening, after a woman who died in 2009 in Chavuma District reappeared in September 2010.

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