Chawama MP nowhere to be seen

Chawama MP nowhere to be seen

Lawrence Sichalwe

MP Sichalwe abandons Chawama Constituency

By Joe Ngo

A cross section of residents in Chawama Constituency have expressed dismay over the continued absence of area Member of Parliament Lawrence Sichalwe.
Moses Kalande, one of the dissatisfied electorates in the Constituency, said he has not seen Sichalwe since he was elected.
“We have many issues, which we want him to address but he is nowhere to be seen. I heard he only comes to Cosmopolitan Mall in the company of young ladies in the Ministerial vehicle,” Kilande said.
Joe Sakaka, who was one of Sichalwe’s in the elections that ushered him into office lamented how the latter doesn’t pick up his phone calls any more.
Getrude Lungu, a Unza graduate of four years blamed the absence of the MPs on commercialisation of politics.
“What do you expect an MP who went to Parliament through buying votes? He has to disappear to save some money,” she said before walking away.
Sichalwe is said to have attributed his absence from the constituency to his busy schedule, saying he is trying to lobby projects for his people and his plans are done, “they will see us regularly as they used to.

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