Chellah and his blind but dangerous loyalty to Kabimba

By Sidique Geloo

It breaks my heart that our leaders just never seem to learn anything about leadership. They are usually unresponsive to hints that point against for political discord. Once they taste a little power, enter the comfort zone and their hearts become calloused with pride, arrogance, and a zeal for more control, they become insecure and try their enduring best to stamp out any hint of opposition from both within and without.

This man , Mr George Chellah, the President’s press secretary, is the epitome of a quasi- politician standing at the very wrong side of history in Zambian politics. Before somebody tries to wave a red flag , please understand that on a personal level, I have absolutely no ill will towards the Press Secretary. For all I know, he may just be a great guy , and  I suspect he is. As a politician, however, he has exhibited lack of loyalty for the President, has shown that his lord and saviour is none other than Fred Mmembe , and his deep seated insecurities are heightened by his Stalinist obsession for finding out who Wynter Kabimba’s enemies are by tapping conversations, witch-hunting against politicians with a different view from his team and childishly trying to throw dirt at any one that pauses a threat to the cartel.

If read in an objective sphere, one will realize that I am actually showing concern for Mr Chella’s political career more than I am being anti- Chella. Here are a few random thoughts I have about this man.

1) George Chella , the man behind the naively named Zambia Intelligence news, is a Kabimba stooge who will stop at nothing to crown Wynter as next President. Not because he feels Wynter can make a great President, but because if Wynter is anointed next President, the ”SUPERFRIENDS” cartel will continue to make Zambia their franchise and  rightful inheritance. These super-friends being Mmembe, Kabimba, Nchito, Masebo and their lieutenants. Chella being their chief lietunant, of course.

2) Chella is in more words than one clearly against the 2016 endorsement of President Sata in favour of Kabimba.  In his experiments with political gimmickry, the journey to 2016 will be to ensure that Kabimba is the heir to the throne effectively securing Chella’s job, career and future political interests and to make Fred Mmembe, his lord and savior, proud. Chella clearly fails to see that the political dynamics in this new era does not tilt towards people that feel a sense of entitlement but men and women that are willing to sacrifice their everything to develop Zambia. This is one focus the cartel has diverted their eyes from.

3) After some PF cadres marched to lock up PF district offices and demanded Kabimba’s resignation, he called a few of them and bragged that he works for the government, not for Sata. This man knows how to trap himself and , befitting of his age, undermines the same hand that feeds him. He realizes, or maybe does not realize at all, that Wynter Kabimba is not a likable politician without Sata, and that the nation does not trust him, yet Chella is so loyal to the cartel believing they will pull some sort of a miracle to maintain and maximize their hold. Let me say this to Chella

a) We know your schemes. Last time you accused Mr Sunday Chanda of being behind the GBM facebook page because you were clearly perturbed by its growth and endorsement by the masses, then you went after cleopas Phiri for criticizing Wynter ‘s position on the ICC. Are you Sata’s press aide or Kabimba/ Mmembe’s ?
b) The day Amos Malupenga was moved, you requested for a half day ”NDABA” you seemed so crushed.
c) George, you may need to realize that evidently, your own people within PF, though afraid of Kabimba do not really want him. Open your eyes and look around you. The whole Nation is beginning to think you guys are just mere clowns exhibiting your insecurities, trying to desperately throw your perceived enemies under the bus while we laugh at you. GBM has managed to put you guys in your place and even though I disagree with some of his views and ideologies, I am proud of him for exposing your evil schemes. We will not allow Zambia to fall victim to a bunch of people that care about their politicial power over the well being of a young democracy that Zambia is. Yes Mr Chella, we are watching you guys and trust me, you have not seen anything yet.
d) We know the cartel is in a state of confusion right now, desperate, feeling infamous, and trying to restore public endearment. Too late, the Country once trusted you would do a better job than MMD, but you have shown that you are just as bad, or even worse. If the President can read through you guys, he would agree with GBM and even congratulate him for trying to put PF on the road that he intended it to stay on…Shame

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