Chellah castigates Emmanuel Mwamba for embarrassing Lungu continuously

Chellah castigates Emmanuel Mwamba for embarrassing Lungu continuously

By George M Chellah

The avalanche of spins and media chaos that has ensued from the purported evacuation of Chishimba Kambwili only confirms one thing; there are a lot of functional overlaps and deliberate disregard for standard administrative procedure and hierarchy in our foreign service at the moment. It is very easy to tell that there are other power centers outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hence this display of arrogant contempt for the wishes of key supervisors presiding over the ministry by certain members of the diplomatic staff.

I must mention that one or two blunders is tolerable but one too many from the same mission, is no longer a mistake but a deliberate act, which eventually turns the entire ministry into a joke and we’re tired of laughing so can someone please rein in the faulty officers by reminding them that they’re embarrassing both the Head of State and the citizens.

In diplomacy, the use of rhetorical, manipulative as well as clumsy and uncoordinated strategies should generally be avoided by those who aspire to be consummate diplomats because diplomacy is all about patience, systematic coordination and of course, being consistent in a helpful way both to the appointing authority and the general citizenry. Government infrastructure in overseas territories such as High Commissions, embassies, consulates and chanceries are not newsrooms that should always be yearning for scoops or breaking news items because whilst news media houses can easily afford to issue an apology, correction or retraction whenever there’s a blunder, by its nature, diplomacy is denied the luxury of offering such instant remedial measures to reckless blunders without consequences.

This is why, before moving on any issue, diplomats must make sure that there is enough consultation and logical connection with their governments back home. Its simple, in diplomacy, presuppositions and hurried conclusions are what fire is to gasoline – it blows up. That’s my one ngwee contribution on this matter. Thanks and Happy Sunday Comrades🙏

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