Chellah says Sata is just in hotel, while Scott says Sata is very healthy

By Joseph Mwenda in New York

THE story by Associated Press that President Michael Sata has been hospitalised in New York is not true,” says State House press aide George Chellah.

And Guy Scott has just told Parliament that reports of president Sata having died or being treated in New York, as reported by several American media houses are not true, stressing that Sata is entirely normal and health.  

Chellah, who is part of the President’s delegation attending the UN General Assembly, said the Head of State was with the first lady at New York Palace Hotel and not in hospital.

“I have read the story by the Associated Press. It is not true that the President is in hospital, he is with the first lady at the hotel,” Chellah said.

President Sata was expected to deliver a speech to the 69th General assembly but he delegated foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba to represent him.

This sparked speculation that President Sata had been unable to address the Summit and that he had been hospitalised.

The AP published a story stating that the President had been hospitalised after being treated in his hotel room earlier.

The American based news wire quoted a New York deputy police chief whose story Chellah disputed as lies.

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