Chibamba Kanyama confused on media ethics bodies

A board Member of the Media Ethics Council of Zambia (MECOZ) has dispelled wide assertions that the organization has been dissolved. In a letter dated April 20, 2010 addressed to Media Liaison Committee Chairperson Henry Kabwe, Chibamba Kanyama writes that the oversight has projected him and other members of the MECOZ board in bad light in the eyes of the media fraternity and the general public. He says since being appointed to the Board MECOZ he has up until now not received any official notification about the reversal of
this appointment or dissolution of the organization. Mr. Kanyama reveals that he personally made some effort to talk to one of the members of Media Liaison Committee (MLC), requesting that the committee consults MECOZ board members about the best way of executing the transition process. He has however expressed regret that this was never done adding that the wisdom of MECOZ Board Members was never utilized in the transition process. Mr. Kanyama has also expressed doubts on how the new regulatory body can achieve desired results without comprehensively carrying out an audit on the activities of MECOZ. Chief Government Spokesman Ronnie Shikapwasha on Monday April 19, 2010 repeated Government’s opposition of the proposed media self regulation mechanism which is being worked on by media representatives and associations. Recently, the media had a stakeholders conference were a code of ethics and a constitution were adopted. But Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha warned that government will not entertain media self regulation.

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