Chibamba Kanyama was unimpressed by childish DJs

Radio Presenters Think We Are All Teenagers – Chibamba Kanyama

Renowned broadcaster, media trainer, now influential mentor and businessman Chibamba Kanyama has complained that listening to breakfast radio shows nowadays has become boring because presenters talk too much in trying to show off how intelligent they are and think all listeners are teenagers judging by how they behave on air.

In an exclusive interview, Kanyama said mature adults do not find listening to breakfast shows interesting anymore and opt to switch to BBC radio when driving to work because all that Zambian radio presenters do is laugh carelessly and argue all over the place yet without substance forgetting that there are more intelligent and exposed people than them listening.

“I think they are obsessed about wanting to let us know how intelligent they are. I don’t think journalism is about how intelligent you are, its about facilitating for intelligent people to use that platform and not you. You can even tell some people are so proud of themselves, they want people to rate them so highly but that’s not journalism. Your intelligence will be judged by the intelligent people you bring on your show, its not about you.” Kanyama said.

He said most if not all radio presenters now want to be rated as the most happening just to get likes, yet in reality people don’t like them because they think the presenter is pompous and proud of themselves.

“Yes you can have the likes from the people but they don’t really like you. In reality they think you are pompous, proud and full of yourself, so I don’t think radio is about you. Zambia is not yet ready for celebrity kind of thing, use radio to serve the audience not yourself” he said.

Mr. Kanyama said presenters need to realized that they are on air to shape society especially the young people and not an opportunity for them to brag about who they know, which country they have traveled to because there are a lot more intelligent and exposed people than themselves that would try to listen.

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