Chibamba: Ten reasons why you should reject that ZNBC Job

By Austin Mbozi

Mr Chibamba Kanyama must listen to those advising him to reject the PF job as head of ZNBC.

I am putting this on record, so that in the near future, we will reproduce it and say ‘we warned Chibamba’.

Chibamba is over-qualified for the ZNBC job. But he is equally over-qualified for working with the PF. In his articles Chibamba wrote how he declained to accept a Government appointment from Levy Mwanawasa. If he could decline Levy the best president we have had, what more PF which are the worst leadership we have had? If Chibamba joins to run ZNBC, all his achievements will be watered down for good. PF are in a mess. Nothing is working for them or to those whom they promised things. Each appointee is insecure. This nation has no leader, only a knee-jerk reacting President. Each appointed person leads himself without any clear guidelines. They just want to use good people like Chibamba  so that they share the blame. They are like a robber who marries a female priest so that the police would not notice his misdeeds.

1.Chibamba’s ZNBC dilemma: A stooge or a   rebel?.

If on the one hand he becomes a PF bootlicker at ZNBC, the majority of Zambians, the 57% who voted against the PF will see Chibamba in very low esteem. All the inspiration he gave in his books, CV, seminars etc will now be viewed as fake; as deceptive. If on the other hand he tries to be radical and try to balance things at ZNBC, the PF will dismiss him. Ignore the rubbish you hear from PF cadres that ZNBC, Times and Daily Mail are now balanced. They are still pro-ruling party , especially where it matters most. Don’t you recall Given Lubinda warning them? Don’t you see how biased they were during last bye-elections?

2. Another job after ZNBC?

The proposal Chibamba made  that he should be  seconded from his SABMiller work to ZNBC is superficial. First his employer may not accept it or accept it only reluctantly. Second, even if they accept him back, he will no longer give SABMiller the kind of corporate image they are seeking. If he becomes popular with non-PF members for being professional, he will become unpopular with PF ones and vice versa. So technically almost half the Zambian population will not be persuaded by him anymore. So how will he be of use to SABMiller?   SABMiller recruited his services  because he had a huge following. Many, regardless of their social loyalties, loved his economic motivations? What will happen after his ZNBC stint? After ZNBC even political ambitions, if any, will be shuttered.

3. One year at ZNBC?

So what service will he achieve at ZNBC within a year? Within a year, he should make it economically viable, replace unproductive staff, and familiarize himself with new staff, increase salaries and conditions of service? Never!  And recall that Chibamba, in his book, “Business Values of Our Time”, narrates how some people frustrated him out of ZNBC. What makes him think they can not do so now, whether they are still at ZNBC or elsewhere?

4.No more motivational speaking.

Once he is head of ZNBC, he will no longer comment on government economic policies, no longer hold motivational seminars, no longer appear on MUVI-TV, no longer coming to speak to business ethics students at UNZA etc. Nothing. He will be burning inside himself with wanting to comment but restrained by his job.  Chibamba loves broadcasting and he already has access to that. Besides it’s better he went to head MUVI TV rather than ZNBC!

5. Bitten by PF snakes.

How can an honest man like Chibamba work with the PF liars?  If he wants to play with snakes and be a snake charmer, he will be beaten! Look Joe Chilaizya. Bloggers told him he was irresponsible for taking a job for which he was single -sourced. He thought he was clever. Yes, they did him well. Let no one give him a job so that he learns a lesson. Let him suffer.  Oh yes! That’s when people will stop this nonsense of appeasing politicians for personal jobs! Look at Dr Malama. They have wasted his career. Look at Inonge. They used her to get Western Province votes and then gave her no power. Look at Guy Scott. Sata voted for a clause to stop his type from running for presidency, then the same Sata said Zambia should  not be ruled by whites when Simon Zukas headed FDD (The Post editorial attacked Sata for this!). Yet he appoints him VP and yet can’t entrust him with  the acting Presidency! Next Scott can be used and damped. Look at Roger Chongwe. I wrote here that he was not the right man to investigate Barotse fracas. PF mediocres on this forum rebuked me. Now?  Roger is being fooled by Kabimba and Sata is not helping! Look at how Prof. Nkandu Luo was fooled over street vendors or Kambwili over chasing a Chinese doctor. They thought they would be praised by Sata as hard workers, but Sata ‘works’ on impulse!


6. Learn from Joe Chilaizya.

Chibamba. If a man wants to marry you but does not tell you why he divorced his wife, can you marry him? Why is  Joe Chilaizya dismissed?  Don’t be flattered by PF. In life the quality of the flatterer matters. How can you, a man a higher faculties, feel flattered by lower quality men; failed policemen, no educational background and can only buy six guns, a house and a few kwacha in their whole life?   They thought power world give them respect. It has given them ridicule. Now they want credible people to share in that ridicule!

7. Tell them to advertise that job.

If Chibamba takes up the job that is not advertised he will go low in public eyes. When Oliver Tambo offered Nelson Mandela the ANC Presidency after his prison release in 1993, Mandela  demanded that they do some voting in accordance with ANC policy. Principled men don’t take advantage. They emphasize the principle. PF preached against single-sourcing over ZAMTEL, etc. Why single -source Chibamba. The principle is clear. Chibamba must tell the PF to advertise the job and if he is interested he will apply. No shortcuts!  ( And see at ZAMTEL. PF stooges, led by corporate inexperienced Chairman Winter Kabimba, will collapse it down !).

8.Less money at ZNBC.  If his prestige will wane when he joins ZNBC at least he would have consoled himself of a better pay. But even that will not happen. He will be paid less at ZNBC than he is getting where he is!

9. More ‘fake economist ‘insults from Sata. President Sata last year insulted Chibamba and called him a fake economist. Why does he now want to ‘fake economist’ at ZNBC? We know Sata’s stooges will lie that Sata is not the one personally employing Chibamba. Liars!  If Shamenda had high regard for Chibamba , why did he not publicly defend Chibamba’s reputation when his boss Sata called him ‘a fake economist?  If Chibamba does not bootlick PF at ZNBC Sata can say ‘I told you that Chibamba is a fake economist! Actually this appointment is itself an insult. If Sata can have that bunch of mediocre ministers, why not make Chibamba a minister rather than make him their toy at ZNBC?

10. Man of Action by  knee- jerk reactions.

Sata has no clear and comprehensive outlook at anything. He sees things in islolated patches, and not as  networked wholes. All these changes with staff, ministries, districts etc are a clear sign. If he saw things in wholes, why did he draw up a complete map of how he hoped to re-align districts, ministries, provinces and then convince the public before starting to implement? That’s what leaders all over the world do. Obama never tries to create jobs or impose Health Care Reforms with knee-jerk reactions. He makes fully written proposals with researched statistics, time-frames, cost-benefit analyses , projections, maps etc. Here in Zambia we vote for a ‘Man of Action’ even when he does not think through anything! We are a bunch of raw voters, unqualified even to vote! Presidents are not voted to merely act, but to THINK and if their proposal is publicly approved to SUPERVISE implementation!  As Dr Nevers Mumba once pointed out, even robbers and rapists are’ men of action!’ Does that ‘acting’ qualify them to rule? Why for example did Sata reduce ministries only to increase them with Gender yesterday? The Gender ministry was there under MMD. Why did he not create it just when he assumed office?   And Chibamba  must join such people?


Mr Chibamba is what I can call a friend, though distantly, but I feel towards him as a friend. He has inspired me in so many ways. I used to distaste people who make money because most of them are greedy, boringly talking about money all the time and quite inhuman and egocentric. But Chibamba re-activated me into thinking that you can make money but still contain the philosophically accepted human faculties.

So it will be painful, for me, to see such a man smeared into the PF mud.

Mr Kanyama please reject that job offer from those crooks and fake prophehets
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