Chibesakunda: Chief or Thief?

There is some very disturbing news coming from Mutambe area of Chief Chibesakunda, in Chinsali District of Shiwangandu constituency.

Those who are familiar with the Chibesakunda succession disputes will remember that this is the area where BOB BWEMBYA LUO has been IMPOSED as Chief Chibesakunda against the BISA traditions. The sister is NKANDU LUO – Minister of Chiefs affairs in Michael Sata Government and probably the main architect in pushing for BOB’s illegal ascension to the throne.

What is disturbing is that 2 years after being imposed on the helpless people of Mutambe, BOB LUO has started selling land, mainly to unsuspecting investors of Lusaka.

Huge tracks of land has so far been sold with more earmarked for sale. Most villagers have been displaced or about to be displaced. Those who question are intimidated, insulted or dragged to his friendly police, so everyone there is living in fear. Transactions often take place in LUSAKA, he only goes to the village to show the buyers the land bought and to tell the innocent villagers to move to other areas.

He does not stay in the village( Chief’s palace) but stays in Lusaka where he is putting up various businesses financed from the land sales proceeds. In the meantime poor and innocent villagers are left with no land, no investment, no hope and no place to live.

Ba President or area MP, please HELP.


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