Chibesakunda Royal Family tells off Post

Dear Editor,

Todays’ Post newspaper banner headline ‘’ GBM NOT SERIOUS – CHIEF MWAMBA” is not only childish, but it also reinforces yesterday’s analysis by George Lubasi in the ZAMBIAWATCHDOG that GBM’s changed approach to the fight with Kabimba has unsettled the POST.

Let me, first of all, commend Hon Geoffrey Mwamba for taking this mature approach.

What we are seeing today in the POST is a calculated move by the Post of trying to use His Royal Highness Senior Chief Mwamba to disown his own subject – GBM’s perceived intention to form a political party.

Any serious minded person can tell after reading what was quoted to have been said by Senior Chief Mwamba that the Chief has grossly been quoted out of context – very sad indeed.

The Senior Chief throughout the texts as reported was talking about GBM not meaning what he said, if at all he said it that he wanted to form a political party (quote’’ I don’t think he was serious if he ever did that’’)

GBM himself has on several occasions and different platforms denied ever harboring such ideas and has pledged total loyalty to the President  and I am sure the President has believed him about this loyalty. This is what the POST doesn’t want. GBM told the President in person ‘’ Iyo bakateka, teti njeshe nokwesha’’-( No President I can’t even try)

My plea is please the POST leave our respected Bemba and BISA Royal Establishments out of your orchestrated schemes to antagonize GBM with his party and the party President. Our Chiefs talk about developmental issues and not about divisive and destructive issues. Everyone knows that you the POST are ready to prominently quote anyone with any rubbish to say about GBM and it’s like you are slowly running out of your sponsored sycophants.




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