Chief asks old, tired indunas to step aside

CHIEF Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata District has asked his too old indunas to pave way for young and energetic men.

Chief Chanje said in this modern society there was need to have young and energetic people even in traditional set ups for development to be accelarated.

The traditional leader said he was worried that some old indunas were still clinging to positions even when it was clear that they no longer useful.

He was speaking during the installation of headman Chiziba at a colourful ceremony held last Saturday at Katema village.

Chief Chanje observed that much as he knew that old people were there to provide guidance to young ones, the work of indunas was so tedious nowadays that old ones would fail to cope, advising them to consider retiring voluntarily.

‘’ It is time that old people who have run out of energy gave up their positions of indunas for young ones to take up because for any meaningful development to take place in society, there is need for energetic people,’’ he said.

And chief Chanje has called on all Chewas in his chiefdom to ensure rightful people ascended to traditional leadership positions.

He said leaders in his chiefdom should be developmental oriented, adding that, he would not hasited to remove those who would fail to adhere to traditional rules.

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